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Hardcore and rubble

Reuse Sell, or donate locally using Freegle and other online platforms.

You can take your hardcore to either the Household Waste Recycling Sites.

There is a limit of six small builder’s bags for each household each month.

Please note: The recycling centres are for household waste from city residents only.

Business waste will not be accepted. Business waste is any waste from commercial, trade or business activities. This includes any waste from domestic properties used for profit (for example landlords taking waste from a rented property) and waste that is being removed for payment.

Our staff have the right to inspect any waste entering the recycling sites.

If they suspect the waste is business waste the person will be turned away.

Find out more on our business rubbish and recycling page.

Thank you for doing the right thing. Leaving/dumping hardcore and rubble on the street, other land or beside a communal bin is illegal fly-tipping.

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Hazardous household waste and chemicals

See chemicals.

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Hearing aids

Recycle can go in the small WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) container at both Household Waste Recycling Sites.

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