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Egg boxes

Recycle Cardboard egg boxes in your household recycling.
Dispose Plastic or polystyrene egg boxes cannot be recycled and should be placed in your household rubbish.

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Electrical appliances and electronic equipment

Reuse Sell or donate locally to a charity shop, or online using Freegle.

At the electrical collection point at our Household Waste Recycling Sites.

This includes: 

  • TVs
  • monitors
  • small electrical items (including mobile phones and hairdryers)
  • large electrical items (including washing machines and dishwashers)
  • cables and leads
  • fridges and freezers
  • household batteries
  • car batteries
  • energy saving light bulbs
  • fluorescent tube light bulbs

If you don’t have transport, then please contact the council as we run a Bulky Waste Collections Service. We charge for this service, but discounts are available for people over 60 and those receiving certain benefit payments.

Thank you for doing the right thing. Leaving/dumping electrical items on the street, other land or beside a communal bin is illegal fly-tipping.

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Envelopes (including those with 'windows')

Reduce Envelopes in good condition as much as possible.
Recycle In your household recycling.
Dispose Padded envelopes cannot be recycled. Please put these in your normal household rubbish. 

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