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Aerosol cans

Recycle Place in your household recycling. Aerosols can also be taken to one of our many recycling points throughout the city and our Household Waste Recycling Sites

Please make sure the cans are completely empty. Do not pierce or try to flatten.

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Aluminium foil and containers

Reduce Use a paper bag or greaseproof paper as an alternative when wrapping food.
Reuse Try as much as possible to clean, flatten and put it back in the drawer for next time. Containers can be used for seed trays.
Recycle Cannot be recycled in your household recycling.
Dispose In your household rubbish.

Metal coated plastic like crisp packets cannot be recycled either and should be placed in your normal waste at home.

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Recycle Cannot be recycled.
Dispose Hove Household Waste Recycling Site can take bonded asbestos.

We can accept up to four sheets or six small builder’s bags of plasterboard asbestos per household per month. Asbestos must be wrapped in at least two layers of plastic and sealed.

If you are planning on visiting the Hove Household Waste Recycling Site with asbestos make sure you bring two forms of identification to prove you live in the city including one form of photo ID.

Bonded asbestos is often grey in colour and looks similar to cement - if you are in any doubt please have the material checked. 

When handling bonded asbestos you should wear goggles, a face mask and gloves. 

Don’t break the asbestos into smaller pieces or cut or saw it. If you have any smaller pieces please make sure you dampen them down with water.

For more information go to the Health and Safety Executive asbestos page.

Thank you for doing the right thing. Leaving and dumping asbestos on the street, other land or beside a communal bin is illegal fly-tipping.

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Reuse You can reuse for garden paths or make a narrow path across your lawn for the winter.
Recycle Wood ash can be sprinkled lightly into your compost heap or around your garden. 
Dispose Coal ash should be disposed of in your household rubbish.

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