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In Brighton & Hove, over a third of what we throw away is food, most of which could have been eaten.

On average, a family with children spends £680 every year on food that ends up in the bin. As well as wasting money, food going to landfill is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Nearly half of what is thrown away is fresh fruit and vegetables. Bread, dairy produce, rice and pasta also make the top five on the most wasted food list.

Research shows that everyone throws away more than they think they do. Some of the common reasons are buying too much in the first place, not storing things properly so they go off quickly, not eating things in time and cooking too much, especially things like pasta and rice.

The council are working with the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and Food Matters to support the Love Food Hate Waste campaign and share tips on how to cut down the food you throw away.

Follow the links below for tips and recipes to help you cut down on food waste...

Composting also helps to reduce the food waste in your bins – visit our composting page for advice on the best option for you and details of discounted composters, food waste digesters and wormeries.

We ran a competition to find a Love Food Hate Waste Champion in Brighton & Hove. The winner was James Spender who passed on some of his fantastic methods to save waste. To see some of his excellent tips, along with other suggestions and recipes we had sent through, go to our love food hate waste competition page.

What's going on in Brighton & Hove

The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership is hosting a number of demonstrations about reducing food waste. You can be eco-friendly and wallet-friendly by cutting back on food that gets thrown away at home. Stop by to sample delicious dishes made from leftovers and to pick up free tools and resources. Learn about simple ways to reduce food waste, including meal planning, proper food storage, and easy recipes that use up commonly wasted food.

If you want to find out more about changing your food habits, the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and Food Matters hold training courses and community events across the city.

If you're interested in growing your own and eating local food, Harvest Brighton & Hove run a number of projects across the city.

Have any surplus food to donate, or need surplus food for a charity or community food project. Log on and put yourself on the UK map to be a food waste hero

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Visit Love Food Hate Waste for more ways to love food and reduce our food waste.

More tips and recipes are also available from the US campaign website