Litter, dog waste and litter bins

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Our street cleaning staff help to clean up litter, cigarettes and dog fouling from across the city. We also have staff who can deal with other regular problems including businesses not clearing litter dropped around their premises and people not picking up their dog waste.


To reduce litter across the city we have hundreds of litter bins placed on street corners, outside shops and on busy roads. As well as this, our street sweeping staff have regular schedules to sweep litter from pavements across the city.

With these measures in place we ensure our city's streets are kept clean. If however you find an area which has a build up of litter then please report the build up of litter to us.

Litter from smoking

Litter from smoking consists of cigarettes, butts, packets and lighters. If dropped these items can quickly build up. Please use litter bins across the city to stub out and dispose of your cigarettes and smoking litter.

Dog waste

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Dog waste can be bagged and put into any of the city's litter and/or dog waste bins.

If you are experiencing regular problems with dog waste we can work with the animal welfare team to reduce the problem and potentially fine and prosecute anyone not clearing up after their dog.

We can help by:

  • reviewing the area
  • putting up warning signs
  • installing litter bins

Please report any regular dog waste issues and we will investigate the situation with the animal welfare team.

What businesses should do

Businesses are responsible for any litter dropped by customers, employees and visitors - inside, outside and around the business premises.

Examples include:

  • cigarette butts from customers around pub tables
  • drink cups from customers outside cafés
  • snack food litter from staff and visitors outside offices

Any businesses failing to meet their responsibilities could receive a fine and potentially prosecution. Please report businesses not clearing up litter.

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