Integrated Waste Management Contract and Schedules

In March 2003 a 25-year Integrated Waste Management Services Contract, worth approximately one billion pounds, was awarded to Veolia Environmental Services by Brighton & Hove City Council and East Sussex County Council. The authorities tendered the contract after being awarded £49 million in government PFI credits.

This contract is for disposal of the waste in Brighton & Hove and the management of our household waste recycling sites.  The refuse, recycling and street cleansing services are provided directly by Cityclean, the council's in-house team, not by an external contractor.

Details of the full Integrated Waste Management Services schedules can be seen below. Please note that these documents may have changes in the future and where possible updates will be provided. Some schedules are not provided due to commercial confidentiality. Alternatively the full contract can be found within the 'how we manage our waste' section of East Sussex County Council’s website.

If you are unable to view any of these documents due to their large size, please contact us through our report form and we will arrange an alternative.

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