Hazardous materials

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Hazardous materials include:

  • needles and syringes
  • broken glass
  • petrol, diesel and oil
  • spilled paint (not dried paint)

If you see any of these materials, please call us on 01273 292929 so we can deal with them as quickly as possible. If you are not able to call, please report the materials online.

What we do

If you telephone us on 01273 292929 between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, we will remove any hazardous materials within one hour. If it is a emergency and you need to call outside these hours, please phone 01273 292229.

Needles and syringes

We collect found needles and syringes from public and private areas across the city. These are placed into secure containers and then incinerated.

We only collect found needles. If you need a regular collection of needles you will need to arrange a clinical waste collection.

Broken glass

small image of a broken bottleAny broken glass, mirrors or ceramics on the city's roads and pavements are swept up by our street sweepers and disposed of safely.

Petrol, diesel, oil and spilled paint

Any petrol, diesel, oil or recent paint spills are covered in sand or sawdust by our street cleaning staff, this removes the risk of fire or vehicles skidding. The sand or sawdust is then left to soak up the liquid and once all absorbed our staff return to sweep up.

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