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Graffiti can range from someone's initials written on a wall in pen to a whole painted mural covering the side of a building. It is illegal to graffiti on any surface without the owner's permission. Graffiti can also encourage further antisocial behaviour including flyposting and the dumping of waste.

Offensive graffiti

Offensive graffiti includes any words or images which are:

  • ageist
  • anti-faith
  • homophobic
  • personal
  • political
  • racist
  • sexist
  • swear words

We will remove offensive graffiti on both public and private property. Call us on 01273 292929 so we can remove it as quickly as possible. Offensive graffiti is cleaned off or painted over within 24 hours.

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What we do

Our graffiti and jet washing team use a variety of methods to clear graffiti from across the city. This includes the use of chemicals, high pressure water jets and cherry pickers. They work on a schedule, clearing graffiti from one area of the city at a time.

Public property

We’re responsible for removing any graffiti on council property such as council offices and council owned park and streets furniture including lights, signs and benches. We also work in partnership with businesses and utility companies who have street furniture. This includes Virgin Media with their green exchange boxes.

Graffiti on private property

We are not responsible for clearing graffiti on private property, including private households and business premises. However, we do try to help where we can and work with property owners, local action teams and community groups to prevent and remove graffiti from wherever we can.

If you have graffiti on your property, we ask that you please report it online and include as much detail as possible. We will then respond to you with any advice and help we can provide.

When looking to prevent and remove graffiti from your property, please consider the points below.

To prevent: 

  • use uneven wall surfaces like pebble dashing or flint work
  • cover any exposed walls in trellis, iron work or climbing plants
  • paint a mural or landscape piece on your walls
  • ensure you have spare paint for any exposed walls, painting over graffiti quickly is the best way of stopping further problems

When removing:

  • paint over graffiti and try and paint the whole wall, not just the small section. This is because walls with patches of paint often get further graffiti on
  • follow the instructions carefully if using chemicals or a pressure washer to remove any graffiti. These can damage your surfaces if not used correctly

You can find companies who will remove graffiti in Brighton & Hove in local directories.

Graffiti Reduction Strategy and other projects

Our Graffiti team works with partners, charities, educational schemes and other council services to:

  • reduce and prevent incidents of graffiti
  • take enforcement action against those responsible for graffiti
  • explore options for how graffiti can be removed quickly from public and private assets

You can read more about how we'll work with partners to monitor and measure the impact of these targets in our Graffiti Reduction Strategy (PDF 594KB).

We work with a number of artists, charities, clubs and businesses in dealing with large graffiti hot spots. By painting large murals or landscape pieces anti-social behaviour and further graffiti is often stopped.

Adopt a box scheme

This scheme is in partnership with Virgin Media and encourages businesses, residents and resident groups to keep an eye on green exchange boxes near them. We supply the paint and brushes for anyone who would like to adopt a box and keep it graffiti free. This in turn often helps reduce the amount of graffiti, litter and flyposting in the area. At the moment over 200 boxes are adopted across the city.

small image of an exchange box with cassette lord painted on

Cassette Lord

This project is organised in partnership with the Youth Offending Service. It encourages young offenders to give something back to the community by helping to paint green exchange boxes which are often graffitied on. This again helps stop further graffiti in the area.

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