Free charity recycling & refuse collection and free access to Hove recycling centre

If you are a registered charity and need help to dispose of your waste, you may be eligible for free recycling and refuse collections from the council.

The council may offer a free waste and recycling collection service similar to that of households. The collection provided would depend on the type of service in your area. For instance if your charity is in the city centre, you may be able to use the communal bins. If your charity is in an area with wheelie bin collection, you may be provided with a wheelie bin for a charge. We will visit sites to assess individual needs.

What type of waste will the council collect?

The following types of waste are not eligible for free collection from your premises and can not be taken to recycling centres:

  • construction and demolition waste
  • waste from house clearances and garden clearances 
  • waste from private schools 
  • waste generated from outside the Brighton & Hove area

There may be other types of waste which due to their nature or volume are not eligible for free collection and disposal. In order to find out if you are eligible you will need to apply for a collection.

What happens if we have waste that you won't collect or too much to fit in the bin?

If your charity produces too much recycling and refuse for collection, you can apply to take the remainder of your general waste and recycling to our Hove Recycling Centre.

Successful applicants will be given permits to use the recycling centre. We will assess your organisation's needs based on the information you provide us and previous use by charities/type of organisation.

For each visit to dispose of general rubbish (non recyclable) will need to use a permit. Once these permits are used, no more will be issued for the year. We will allow you unlimited trips to recycle materials. Please check our recycling centres page to find out the material you can recycle. 

How can I apply?

Please read our charity collection & recycling centre access policy [PDF 64KB].

Please read this fully before filling in the application form [PDF 445KB]

Please fill in, scan and email your form and supporting documents to or send your form and all relevant information to:

Charity Recycling & Refuse Collections
Brighton & Hove City Council
Hollingdean Depot
Upper Hollingdean Road

What happens next?

We will:

  • refer your request to a member of our operations team to assess the type of collection service you are entitled to; and 
  • review your applications and respond within 10 working days

We reserve the right to decline requests for collections and access to the Hove Recycling Centre depending on the information you provide.  If you are declined, we will provide you with a clear explanation.

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