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Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste, items or materials. This would include anything from putting a TV on the pavement to dumping a van's contents in the countryside.

What is fly-tipping

Some people may not think they are doing anything wrong when they fly-tip, but it is a criminal offence which can carry an unlimited fine.

Fly-tipping is unattractive, can cause obstructions and can lead to a build up of other waste. The following are all examples of flytipping.

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Putting items on the public highway

If you put any items on the pavement for others to pick up and reuse (including electrical items, furniture, etc), you are flytipping. These items should be kept on your property and advertised through signs, newspapers or websites.

Some companies and charities will collect items from you for free. You can find examples of these on our waste links page. Alternatively, you can take the items to one of our recycling centres or use our bulky waste collection service.

Putting items by communal bins or in refuse areas

Putting items including furniture, electrical items and appliances by communal bins, wheelie bins or in other refuse areas is fly-tipping. These items cannot be collected with normal household refuse and must be reused, recycled or disposed of in a legal and safe way. This can be done through our recycling centres or our bulky waste collection service.

Someone else fly-tipping your waste

If you give your waste to someone else to dispose of and it is flytipped, you could be held responsible. Any company carrying or disposing of waste must have a waste carrier's licence and you can check they have this through the Environment Agency's waste carrier's public register

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