Dead animals

large icon of a seagull

In the unfortunate event that any dead animals are found on the street we will come to collect them. If the found animal is a domestic pet our customer service team record the details.

Dead pets

Our street cleaning team collect dead pets found on the roads or pavements across the city. We then inform the owners providing they are chipped and readable, tagged or collared. Unfortunately we will be unable to return a dead animal as we are unable to store animals on site. They will of course be disposed of sensitively.

If you have recently lost a cat you can contact us through our online report form to see if we have found it. We ensure all dead cats we find are logged with our customer service team. 

If you have lost a dog please contact the animal welfare team. The animal welfare team are unfortunately unable to look for lost cats. This is due to the fact that cats often wander across wide areas and return. If you have lost a cat we recommend speaking with local cat rescue groups such as Lost Cats Brighton.

Dead wild animals

We are able to collect any dead wild animals such as seagulls, pigeons and foxes from both public and private areas across the city.

If you contact us Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm with a report of a dead animal we will be able to collect it within two hours, providing we can access and remove it safely.