Communal street bins

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Brighton & Hove has over 700 communal street bins, mainly in the city centre. They are used in areas where properties lack space to store refuse; where people used to have to put black bags out. The bins help keep our streets clean.

How to use the bins

If you are in a communal street bin area you will not be too far away from a bin. They are usually placed at either end of the road or, if your road is too narrow or short, in a nearby road.

You can dispose of your refuse into the bins whenever you want. We recommend a 'little and often' approach, disposing of refuse when you leave your property - this saves you having to store it.

If you are elderly, disabled or for any other reason not able to take your refuse to the communal street bins please fill in our report form. We can then discuss setting up an assisted collection service to collect your refuse from an area best for you.

What you can put in the communal rubbish bins

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Please separate your recycling and use communal street bins for household refuse only. 

Find out what you can recycle. Your recycling service will either be with a communal recycling bins or by collection from your home.

Electrical items, clothes, DIY waste and anything else that is not household waste or recycling needs to be:

You can help reduce the amount of waste going into these bins by recycling, composting and using our garden waste collection scheme.

Read our reduce your waste page and our black box recycling page for more information.

Is your communal street bin really full?

We have three specialist collection vehicles for the communal bins. These work throughout the day, every day and across the city. Because of this they need regular maintenance and sometimes there may be slight delays to the collection of the communal bins while vehicle repairs are happening.

During any delays we ensure our street cleaning teams monitor the communal bins and clear any excess waste from around them until the collection vehicles are able to attend. Because of this you do not need to report any full communal bins to us.

Reporting a damaged or broken bin

Please fill in our report form if you wish to report a damaged communal street bin. We prioritise repairing damaged bins based on use, so areas of high use or health and safety concerns will be repaired first. 

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