Communal bins in blocks of flats

98 percent of Brighton & Hove residents have either communal recycling and rubbish bins in blocks of flats or our black box scheme. Around 20,000 properties in Brighton & Hove have communal recycling facilities in their blocks of flats.

Where the bins are and how to use them

Where possible we try to place recycling and refuse bins together in your bin store. We ask that you please respect your neighbours by only using your bins between 8.00am - 8.00pm.

If you are elderly, disabled or for any other reason not able to take your recycling to the bins we ask that you please speak with whoever helps you dispose of your refuse. Unfortunately we cannot go to individual properties within blocks of flats to collect recycling or refuse. Your managing agent, caretaker or cleaner should be able to help.

The communal rubbish bins are for household rubbish and recycling only. They may not be collected if they contain anything that is not household waste. This includes electrical items, clothes and DIY waste. Anything we can't take should be:

Please view our reduce your waste page if you are creating a large amount of refuse.

What you can recycle

You can recycle:

  • cans, tins - washed and empty
  • aerosols - empty with lids removed
  • cardboard - flattened to fit in bin
  • paper - including directories and windowed envelopes
  • plastic bottles - washed and squashed, with lids removed
  • glass bottles and jars - washed with tops removed, in the separate bin

small image of someone using the block of flats recycling bins

Most blocks of flats in the recycling scheme have mixed recycling bins. This means you can put your cans, tins, aerosols, cardboard, paper and plastic bottles together in the same bin. We do ask, however, that you please check the labels on the bins and ensure you put the right materials in the correct bin.

Glass bottles and jars must be kept separated from other materials so you will have an individual bin for glass. This is because glass shards can make paper difficult to recycle.

Some materials that cannot go in the communal recycling bins can be recycled at the recycling points across the city and at our two recycling centres.

The service we provide

We use these communal recycling bins when it is not possible or practical to use the black box recycling scheme. They are mostly in large blocks of flats. The size and number of bins depends on the:

The bin types can range from small green plastic wheelie bins to a number of large black metal bins. All bins will be clearly labelled with recycling stickers. Most blocks of flats will have at least two bins, one for glass, which is collected every fortnight, and one for other recycling materials, which is collected every week.

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