Cityclean Performance

large image of recycling being collected

How are we doing?

To check the performance of Cityclean services, we regularly measure how much waste is collected and how we dispose of it, the quality of street cleanliness, and your customer experience of our services.

This information is then used to indicate how well the city is performing, plan our services better and target areas for improvement.

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How you can help

There are many simple ways to reduce your waste. By following the simple reduce, reuse, recycle method you can save money and help the environment. Here are some ideas, products and services on how you can do this.

  • Composters  A third of what we throw away is food waste. Food composters, wormeries and standard composters take food and garden waste and break it down into high quality compost.
  • Community Composting Community composting is where a central composting point is made available for local residents to use and compost their fruit and vegetable peelings.
  • Love food, hate waste Get advice on reducing your food bill, making food go further and last longer
  • Recycling Points Take your household recycling as well as small electrical items, textiles, shoes, toys, and juice cartons.
  • Reusable nappies page Where you can get information on fully reusable and washable nappies. You can also find links to suppliers of nappies, linings and accessories for the 'real' nappies.
  • Sign up to our garden waste collection service We collect fortnightly for £52 a year.

Please don't forget...

Please leave your recycling boxes on the edge of the pavement, by 6am on the day of collection and keep your glass and household batteries separate. Remember that collection days change over bank holidays.

Percentage of Household Waste sent for Recycling, Composting or Reuse

 Recycling rates Nov 14

The above graph shows the recycling rate for Brighton & Hove.  This includes all the glass, cans, paper etc. that are collected from households along with any recycling sorted at the local household waste recycling sites.

Service disruption from summer 2013 to early 2015 has had a significant impact on how much recycling we collected. However, recycling rates across the country as a whole also have reduced possibly as a result of less paper publications such as newspapers and magazines, changes in the manufacturing industry and the global financial instability.

Around 90% of what we collect gets recycled – the rest is material that can’t be recycled which gets removed at the Hollingdean Materials Recovery facility (MRF).

The total recycling rate for the MRF – which also takes materials from elsewhere – is currently around 85%.

Where does our household waste go?

Graph showing where our household waste goes

The graph above shows where Brighton & Hove waste goes.  We used to send a lot of waste to landfill but this has reduced significantly over the past couple of years and most waste that is not recycled, reused or composted is now sent to our energy-from-waste facility in Newhaven.

Refuse not recycled, reused and composted per household

Graph showing residual household waste per household

The graph above show how much waste each household in Brighton and Hove produce in a year.  This doesn't include reuse, recycling or composting.

Street cleansing inspections

We check a selection of streets from wards across the city looking out for litter, graffiti, fly-posting, blocked gullies, and detritus such as dirt and rotted leaves. This helps monitor performance, and improve our street cleansing services.

Find out more about what street cleansing services Cityclean provides, and how you can help by reporting problems to us.

Missed collections

We record all the missed collections reported to us. To be recorded as a missed collection your bin or box must have been at the front edge of your property by 6 am on the day of collection, with recycling correctly separated, and no additional bags or bulky waste items left by your bin or box.

Did you know?

Every week we collect from around 250,000 bins and boxes across the city!

Environment Customer Services

Staff from the Environment Contact Centre

Our award winning Environment Customer Service Team is one of the most efficient in the council and aims to consistently answer your enquiries quickly and clearly, however you choose to contact us.

The team respond to requests, enquiries, feedback and problems relating to your environment, and also take a key role in how customer friendly Cityclean services are. They take calls on:

  • Cityclean - recycling & rubbish management, street & beach cleaning, rain water gullies and public toilets
  • Cityparks - parks, playgrounds, allotments, countryside areas and trees
  • Highways & Transport - parking permits, highway maintenance, abandoned vehicles and street lighting
  • Health & Safety - environmental health, animal welfare, food safety and anti-social behaviour

Contact centre performance

We aim to respond to your emails within 5 working days, and answer your calls within 30 seconds. We want Cityclean to be easy to reach, easy to understand, and help you access our services.

Cityclean Complaints

If you are not happy with a response from our customer services team then an official complaint can be logged through the council’s Standards and Complaints team.

When you first contact the Standards and Complaints team with a complaint this is known as ‘stage one’ of the council’s complaints procedure. Our Customer Service Manager, Kalavati Parmar, is responsible for these and we aim to respond to you within 10 working days.