Charity and community re-use schemes

The YMCA re-use shop at Hove recycling centre

YMCA Sussex Central

Fridges, freezers and other large electrical appliances

Both centres recycle fridges and freezers. Some of those taken to the Hove centre will be tested by the YMCA. These may then be reconditioned and sold by their shop to raise money for charity.

Furniture and bric-a-brac

Furniture or bric-a-brac items in good condition, taken to the Hove site, may be sold on by the YMCA shop to raise money for charity. Please ask a member of staff on site for advice.

Mobile phone recycling in assosciation with guide dogs for the blind

Guide dogs for the blind

Mobile phones

Mobile phones can now be taken to either the Brighton or Hove site and Guide Dogs for the Blind will receive a donation for every phone collected. Once we have collected 1500 phones they will be able to buy a new guide dog puppy.