Business recycling and refuse problems

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Businesses are responsible for any recycling and refuse they create and must ensure any waste is stored and disposed of in a safe and legal way. If they fail to do this they could potentially be fined or prosecuted. 

Businesses are also required to use a registered waste contractor or a business waste site to dispose of their waste and must avoid any disruption to the public when storing and disposing of their waste.


What businesses should do

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Our staff work to inform and enforce recycling and refuse laws for businesses across the city. If however you do come across a business causing problems with their waste please report it. Examples of this include:

  • business bins or bags causing an obstruction on the pavement or road
  • business bins or bags not being secured and waste littering the pavement or road
  • businesses using residential recycling and refuse schemes including the communal street bins, black recycling boxes etc

In most situations we ask that businesses ensure their waste is stored off the pavement or road and is secured in canvas bags or a locked bin. This avoids any potential obstructions, litter and the build up of waste.

Businesses must also have a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notice which shows us they are disposing of their waste legally. For further information on what businesses must do please go to business recycling and refuse collection.

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