Bench repairs and requests

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We have hundreds of benches across the city helping people to rest and enjoy the views of Brighton & Hove.

What we do

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The recycling, refuse and street cleaning department install and repair all the benches on public land,. This does not include parks, but benches on and by the pavement.

The benches are monitored by all our staff but if you do find one which is in need of repair please fill in our report it form.

If there is a location you would like to suggest for a bench please contact us through our report form and it will be assessed by our staff to see if it is suitable and possible.

Benches in parks

The parks department are responsible for the installation and repair of any benches in the city's parks. If you find a problem with a bench in a park please contact Cityparks.

If you are interested in having a bench placed in a park on behalf of someone, or wish to add a plaque to an existing bench please go to the dedicate a bench page.