Recycling, rubbish and street cleaning

Update on missed bin collections

We recognise there have been a lot of missed collections throughout the city in recent weeks, and we apologise for the terrible inconvenience this is causing our residents and businesses. Learn more about what we're doing to improve the situation.

 Tuesday 18 September

We're currently experiencing high demand on our phone lines with a possible wait of up to 15 minutes at the busiest times.

We understand this can be extremely frustrating, but our staff answering the phones are here to help so please be polite and respectful when your call is answered. The team will always do its best to answer questions, but may not be able to say when your collection will happen.

If you’d prefer not to wait, please use one of our Do it now online forms to report missed collections (including garden waste), report overflowing communal binscheck your collection dayrequest new waste containers or request a street clean.

Completing our forms is often the fastest way to contact us - even when you are out and about. Sending the forms ensures your information is passed directly to the operations team which assigns crews and street cleansing operatives to the specific location.

A response isn’t automatically generated for you, but the reports are actioned. The forms also ensure issues are logged into the system.

If you’d like an update on an issue you've reported, please request this on the form and we'll let you know when the work is complete.

If you've already called to report your missed collection, please be assured we're looking into it. Multiple calls, emails and online reports about the same issue will delay our response to you and other people.

We’re currently unable to monitor our Recycling and Refuse Twitter and Facebook pages so please don’t report any problems on either of these social media platforms until further notice.

Today's collections update

Refuse: Crews are out on scheduled rounds today and will be returning to complete collections due yesterday in the Porthall/Dyke Rd/Old Shoreham Rd area. There will be delays today in the Seven Dials/Old Shoreham Road and Willbury Rd area.  There are ongoing delays to collections from Saunders Park View, The Heights, Hill Top, Whitethorn Drive, Falmer Road and Ringmer Close.

Recycling: Crews are out on scheduled rounds and will be returning to complete collections in the Bear Rd area. There will delays to collections in roads in and between Bevendean and Lewes Rd. There are ongoing delays to recycling collections in Ovingdean, and in Vere, Shaftesbury, Warleigh, Stanley and Arundel Roads

Communal and on-street recycling: All crews are out on scheduled rounds today. There may be delays to some on-street and residential collections.

Garden waste: All crews are out on scheduled rounds today.

The collection delays today are a result of staff shortages. We are sorry for any inconvenience they may cause. We will assign teams to collect from the affected areas as soon as we can.

If you have had a missed collection, please leave your containers out at the kerbside from 6am and so we can ensure they are collected when crews attend.

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Out of hours emergency contact

An out of hours service operates for environmental emergencies. You can access this service between 5pm and 9am weekdays, and all day weekends and Bank Holidays. This service should not be used for non-emergency enquiries.

The telephone number for out of hours emergencies in Brighton & Hove is 01273 292229.