How do I make a complaint about noise nuisance?

Making a complaint

Your complaint should include:

  • your name and address and a daytime telephone number - anonymous complaints are not accepted     
  • the address (or site) where the noise is coming from     
  • the type of noise (such as loud music, barking dog, alarm sounding)     
  • when and for how long the noise occurs     
  • the way the noise affects you (such as keeps you awake)     
  • anything you have done to try and deal with the problem (such as speaking to the person making the noise)


Your name and address will not be given to the person complained about without your permission, however your identity may be guessed. Your details have to be revealed in the event of any legal or formal action being taken.

Who to contact

To report a noise complaint or for advice, call the Environmental Protection Team on 01273 294266 on Monday to Friday.


online: complaints form

Brighton Town Hall
Bartholomew Square
Brighton BN1 1JP
Street map: Bartholomew House

Hove Town Hall
Norton Road
Hove BN3 4AH
Street map: Hove Town Hall

Monday to Thursday 9am - 4.30pm and Friday 9am - 4pm.

Weekend noise patrol

The council’s out of hours weekend noise patrol service is now operating from 10pm to 3am on Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday. 

Please contact us on 01273 293541 and let us know the following:

  • your name and address
  • contact number
  • details of where the noise is coming from

In an emergency, please call Sussex Police on 999.