What you can do about noise and nuisance

Before contacting our team, you may wish to use some of the templates below to open up initial discussions with your neighbour and see if the matter can be resolved informally.

There is also guidance on how to take your own legal action against a nuisance (PDF 73KB).

Domestic noise​ letters

You can adapt these letters to cover a range of noise complaints from loud music or intruder alarms, to noise from washing machines. 

Initial noisy neighbour letter

Follow up noisy neighbour letter

Notification letter for taking your own action

Domestic nuisance letter

You can adapt this letter to cover a range of domestic complaints, where we may have no legal powers to assist, or where you wish to try and resolve the matter informally in the first instance.

Commercial noise letters

You can find the registered address of a company on www.gov.uk.

Letter to local business

Letter to site manager about noise from a construction site

Letter to licensed premises (bar, restaurant, pub, club)

Notification letter for taking your own action


You may wish to consider whether mediation between you and your neighbour could help ease the situation, especially in circumstances that do not have a simple legal solution. Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service offers a free and confidential help line on 01273 700812. Alternatively you can email them at mediation@bhims.org.uk.

Feeding birds

While we receive many complaints about people feeding birds, there is no law against it and we are therefore unable to assist. We have produced this  bird feeding template letter (MS Word DOCX 23KB) or bird feeding template letter (PDF 183KB) which you may wish to use in speaking with your neighbour about the issues you are experiencing.

The exception is when there is a build of bird excrement at a property. Check our information on filthy and verminous premises.