Rubbish and drainage issues on private land

Rubbish on private land

The land owner is responsible for clearing waste from their land, even where someone else has flytipped it

We can force the land owner to clear waste from private land only if it could cause the spread of disease. An example of rubbish that could cause the spread of disease is food waste or soft bedding that will allow vermin to burrow and nest in. 

We cannot force people to remove other rubbish like building rubble, car parts, discarded furniture or electrical equipment.

If a build up of rubbish is having considerable visual impact, you may want to report the matter to planning enforcement

For any other enquires about waste please visit our page on rubbish.

Filthy and verminous properties

Filthy or verminous properties are those in such a condition so as to cause problems to health (this could include rotting food stuffs or faecal contamination) or where vermin are present in large numbers.  

Such properties may be associated with individuals who have lost the ability to look after them or who are hoarding a lot of items (see Environmental health guidance on hoarding (PDF 256KB).

We have powers under the Public Health Act 1936 to resolve problems, but have to pay attention to individual's rights and our enforcement policy. 


All drainage issues will likely either be the responsibility of the land owner, or Southern Water. The Southern Water website has information on who is responsible for a drainage issue.

We will become involved with drainage issues when an individual or company is not repairing a drain that is their responsibility and the defect is affecting another property, such as when a broken down pipe is causing damp in another house. 

If the premises responsible for the drainage issue is commercial, please report it via our online environmental health contact form or contact us by emailing or calling 01273 294266.

If a privately let property is causing the problem and the landlord is not fixing it, please contact our Private Sector Housing Team

Private water supplies

All private water supplies should be registered with the council. For information on private supplies, please visit the Drinking Water Inspectorate website.