Shoreline Management

Hove beachWe work to protect the coastline from erosion. Brighton & Hove City Council is a member of the South East coastal group. This group includes all the district, borough, unitary and county authorities between Selsey Bill and the Thames estuary as well as the Environment Agency and Natural England.

The powers we have to protect the coastline are set out in the Coast Protection Act (1949). 

The rate of erosion for Brighton & Hove's coastline over the next 100 years is currently assessed as negligible. The Environment Agency's website contains interactive maps showing this information.

The Environment Agency have direct responsibility for sections of coast that are prone to flooding from the sea. The Environment Agency on behalf of the government department Defra also have an overarching national responsibility for all coast defence. Defra are responsible for coast defence policy. 

Our coastal management strategy

Brighton & Hove's coastline is covered by two strategies

  • Brighton Marina to Saltdean
  • Brighton Marina to the River Adur

For more information on these strategies go to the strategies for the future web page.

Useful links

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