Coastal maintenance work

Current works and any restrictions on access to beaches and promenades

repairs to old sea wall

Minor works to repair and maintain the coast defences are in progress most of the time. These do not usually result in inconvenience to the public, details of larger works will appear here from time to time.

The Undercliff Walk

The Undercliff Walk is now open over its full length from Black Rock to Saltdean.

Maintenance arrangements

The council retains a maintenance contractor to carry out various works to maintain the effectiveness of the city's coast defences. The maintenance contractor's workforce carry out minor works throughout the year. In order to limit the disruption this can cause we try to carry out more major works in the winter period (between September and Easter) however this is not always possible.

Beach monitoring

The level of the shingle on the beaches and the shape of the cliff face is recorded twice a year (in sping and autumn) by surveyors using quad bikes equipped with GPS equipment. This data is then held by the Channel Coastal Observatory, part of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton and used in coastal studies -