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Our Biosphere is here!

Brighton and Lewes Downs is now the first completely new Biosphere site in the UK established for almost forty years.
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What on Earth?

You can also download a script of the narration (PDF 115kb).

This is your portal to discovering all about the Brighton & Hove and Lewes Downs Biosphere Project. Become a friend of the Biosphere.

The Biosphere is the world in which we live and share with other living things - the zone of life around our planet – for which UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is developing a global network of Biosphere Reserves which promote a balanced relationship between people and nature. These are real world-class natural environments, rather than the popular image of artificial glass domes!

International Biosphere Reserves have three Functions:

  • Conservation - of landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic diversity at both a regional and global scale.
  • Development - economic and social development which is culturally and ecologically sustainable.
  • Knowledge – environmental education, research and training to test and demonstrate innovative approaches to nature conservation and sustainable development.

Why on Earth?

Stanmer House grass

The benefits of achieving international Biosphere status include:

  • An integrated framework for conservation and sustainable development policies and initiatives, including linking up urban and rural areas
  • Heightened profile of attaining a world-class brand, enabling increased marketing and funding opportunities
  • Opportunities to attract and create new private and social sector enterprises and jobs , such as environmental industries and eco-tourism
  • A driver of best practice in environmental management and development planning
  • Scope to foster a stronger sense of community awareness, identity and pride in the local environment, including mainstreaming this in education
  • Encouraging applied research by local universities as centres of excellence to address environmental conservation and sustainable development challenges
  • Knowledge transfer encouraged through the international networks opened up

Who on Earth

south downs walkers and sheep

This is a partnership through several organisations working together to achieve Biosphere Reserve status.

Find out more information on the project, including a wealth of information about your local Biosphere and all the latest events happening around it through the official website -



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