Selling animals as pets licence

Any business importing, distributing or selling animals as pets, or with a view to them being later resold as pets requires a licence. This includes businesses registered with companies house and businesses or individuals operating from domestic premises for commercial purposes who may or may not be registered with companies should be licensed by their local authority.

Also, premises open to the public or to other businesses where animals are available for purchase are required to be licensed.

General indicators of running a business selling animals as pets may include:

  • the import, distribution and sale of animals by means of a fixed fee
  • the purchase of animals with the express intent to sell them on
  • animals being bought and then re-advertised for sale or sold within a short period of time
  • the number, frequency and/or volume of sales, or systematic and repeated transactions using the same means of advertising
  • high volumes of animals sold or advertised for sale or high numbers of litters or progeny
  • low volumes of animals sold or advertised for high sales prices
  • high numbers of advertisements of animals for sale, at any one time, over a short period of time or regularly, including on classified websites
  • advertising through a variety of sites, forums or media

Apply for a licence

Return your application forms along with the Privacy Notice to:

Animal Wardens, 
Brighton & Hove City Council, 
2nd Floor Bartholomew House, 
Bartholomew Square, 


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