Licensing of activities involving animals: Fees and charges

The following fees are applicable to animal welfare licences processed and/or granted under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.

Licence type Part A Part B Total cost Vets fees (part C)
Dog breeding (Domestic) £145 £130 £275 A recharge to the licensee of the cost to the
local authority where applicable.
Dog breeding (Commercial) £180 £135 £315
Dog boarding (Domestic) £130 £120 £250
Dog boarding (Commercial) £180 £135 £315
Cat boarding £135 £125 £260
Dog day care £130 £130 £260
Exhibition of animals £180 £135 £315
Hiring horses £205 £140 £345
Pet vending £145 £130 £275


Type Total cost
Variation or transfer of licence £105
Appeals or site visit Price on application


Information about the different licence types

Cat or dog boarding, dog kennelling, day care for dogs, selling of animals as pets and existing licenced dog breeders

The duration of the licence can be one, two or three years. This will be dependent on the risk score and star rating given to your business at the time of your initial inspection.

Every animal welfare business will receive at least one unannounced inspection during the licenced period.

Dog breeders (new applicants)

All new licences are only granted for one year. Every animal welfare business will receive at least one unannounced inspection during the licenced period.

Hiring of horses

These fees are based on an existing licence holder and require two veterinary inspections within the licence period.

Keeping or training of animals for exhibition

These are three year licence with no further inspections during the licence period.

Vet inspections

Veterinarian inspections as part of the consideration of the application will be undertaken for all breeding establishments, exhibition of animals, hiring horses and pet vending

Fee structure

  • Part A covers all cost associated with determining the licence application and includes all administration and inspection costs.
  • Part B includes recoverable reasonably expected enforcement cost, including training and the cost of an interim compliance visit during the licence period where undertaken by council staff.
  • Part A and B fees will be collected on application with the part B fee being refunded if the application is refused or withdrawn.
  • Part C covers the cost of inspection by an approved veterinarian. This will be collected following the application inspection irrespective of the licence being granted or refused.

Legislation and licence durations

The legislation introduces new processes such as appeals, variations and revocations. It also allows operators to request some visits such as variations, re-score, and appeals. Where such visits are attributed to non-compliance these costs are recoverable.

Licensable activities, such as Dangerous Wild Animals and Zoo licences are not included in the new legislation, therefore their fees are unchanged.

The duration of the licence will be based on the ability of the operator to demonstrate that they meet the conditions required for that licensable activity and their compliance environmental (animal accommodation) and management controls in place. They will be allocated a risk score and star rating based on these factors. The star rating will determine the length of the licence.