Animal boarding licence - including dog day care

Any business, including those who use a private home, for housing other people's cats or dogs are required to be licensed. This includes businesses which arrange for the provision of accommodation for other people’s cat and dogs, for example, businesses which connect pet owners with people willing to look after their animals for no fee (just minor expenses).

Activities that do not require a licence:

  • businesses that look after the cat or dog within its normal place of residence (such as dog walkers, dog or cat sitters)
  • individuals that look after specific dogs or cats not as a business (such as a friend’s or relative’s pets)

Apply for a licence

General information

Choose the relevant applications forms and complete the privacy consent notice from the options below and return the forms to:

Animal Wardens, 
Brighton & Hove City Council, 
2nd Floor Bartholomew House, 
Bartholomew Square, 

Cat boarding

Dog boarding at home

Dog boarding commercial (such as kennels)

Dog day care


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