Paying back an overpayment from your Housing Benefit

Deductions from Housing Benefit

If you've had an overpayment of Housing Benefit, we will reduce your Housing Benefit payments to pay it back. We will notify you before the deductions start.

How much will be deducted from my Housing Benefit?

  • From April 2015 the standard rate of overpayment recovery is £11.10 per week or £18.50 per week for overpayments caused by fraud.
  • Additional amounts, usually of between £2.50 and £12.50 extra per week are deducted from people receiving income from employment or charitable payments.
  • Total deduction amounts may be up to £31.00 per week depending on circumstances.

These weekly recovery rates are set by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and are normally increased in April of each year.

If you'd like to repay your overpayment more quickly you can request an increase to your deduction rate so that you pay back more each week. Please contact the Benefits Service to arrange this.

Important information about weekly deductions from benefit

While your Housing Benefit is reduced you will be responsible for covering the extra amount needed to see that your rent is paid in full.

If your Housing Benefit is being paid directly to your landlord, the amount your landlord receives while the deductions are being taken will not be enough. In this situation, you must keep track of your rent amounts due and make the necessary additional payments to your landlord to ensure that you don’t fall into rent arrears.

What can I do if I'm having difficulties making the additional payments to my landlord?

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Paying with a one-off payment

If you would prefer to pay your overpayment balance in a one-off payment, please call the Housing Benefit Repayment Line and ask for an invoice to be sent to you. There is a wide choice of payment methods available for Housing Benefit invoices.

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