Local Housing Allowance rates in Brighton & Hove

What is Local Housing Allowance (LHA)?

In Brighton & Hove, all private sector tenants have their housing benefit calculated using the local housing allowance. LHA refers to different categories of allowance which relate to different sizes of property. Tenants with similar circumstances are entitled to the same category of LHA, regardless of how much rent they actually pay. You cannot receive more than your rent.

The category that a tenant is entitled to depends on the number of occupiers within a household. The actual amount claimants will be entitled to will depend on income, savings and circumstances. The claim is based on the rate for the month the claim is made and will be reviewed after a year, unless there's a change in circumstances. LHA is usually paid directly to the tenant.  In some circumstances payments can be made directly to the landlord.

LHA weekly rates

The table below shows the LHA rates applicable to private tenants making a new claim.  These are the maximum amounts for each category. The actual amount you will be entitled to will depend on your income and savings. Make a new claim for help with rent and Council Tax

LHA is a set of rates that are set by The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) for different size properties. These LHA rates have been reviewed on 1 April every year, but the government froze the rates for four years from 1 April 2016. This means that the rates will stay set as they are now until 2020.

The government has also introduced the benefit cap in Brighton & Hove. If you are a couple with or without children or a lone parent and your income from benefits exceeds £500 per week, you will be capped at a maximum of £500 per week. For single people with no dependent children the cap is £350 per week. This cap will be deducted from any housing benefit you receive.

From November 2016, the government is reducing the benefit cap to £384.62 a week for couples or single parents with children, and £257.69 a week for single people. Find out more about the benefit cap.




Category S1 is applied if a tenant does not have exclusive use of more than one room and shares any or all of a kitchen, a room suitable for living in, and a bathroom or a toilet. Category S1 also currently applies to all claimants under 35. There are some exemptions to this rule.  The main exemptions are: if you receive Severe Disability Premium or if you are a care leaver under the age of 22, in which case you will be entitled to the B1 rate.

Size criteria

Only bedrooms are included in the calculation of how many rooms a property has, as all tenants are entitled to a kitchen and bathroom. You can work out what category you and your family are likely to fit in to using the LHA category calculator.


The entitlements are one bedroom for every adult couple and every single adult (person over 16). A single child is also entitled to one bedroom. Any two children of the same sex aged under 16 and any two children under 10 need to share a bedroom under the criteria.

For more information on these and other changes, go to the benefits changes web page.