Get benefit paid directly into your bank account

Reduce time and effort in sorting out rent payments

We can pay your Housing Benefit directly into a bank account - this means that you will:

  • receive your benefit on the day that it is due
  • no longer have to wait for a cheque to arrive in the post
  • be able to set up a standing order or direct debit to pay your rent
  • have greater peace of mind that your rent is up to date

If you would like your benefit to be paid this way, please download and complete the Change of Payment Form [PDF 8 KB] and return it to:

Benefits Services, PO Box 2929, Brighton, BN1 1PS

Housing Benefit cannot be paid into Post Office Card Accounts like some other benefits.  You will need to open an account with a high street bank.

If you don't have a bank account, the CAB Service can give you information and advice on the different accounts you can open.

Citizens Advice website

The service is available by appointment only. Telephone 0845 1203710 for an appointment.