Apply for help to pay your rent in advance

This discretionary payment help residents who are claiming housing benefit, universal credit or council tax reduction and are struggling to pay their rent in advance of moving into a new property​.

We only have a limited amount of money available to spend on discretionary payments and we will not be able to help everyone who asks for our help.

Who can apply

To apply for help to pay your rent in advance, you must have:

  • a current claim for housing benefit
  • already found somewhere to move to
  • reached an agreement with the prospective landlord or agent.

You will need

  • proof of your new tenancy, such as a letter from the landlord with details of the tenancy and how much rent in advance they want
  • bank statements showing the last 30 days transactions to confirm you can't fund the rent in advance yourself.

We will check that the tenancy you wish to take is affordable for you and is within your local housing allowance band.