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Discretionary Payments (DPs) are payments to help people with their housing costs where their Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction awards still leave them struggling to pay their rent and council tax.

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Refer to our main Discretionary Payments page for more information.

To apply for a Discretionary Payment, you’ll need to complete the Discretionary Payment form providing as much information as possible.  There are guidance notes to help you.  You can also contact the benefits office for further assistance.

This Discretionary Payment form has been made available in PDF format, so that it can be printed and sent to us by post.  In order that we can accept this form it must be a signed original, not a scanned copy. This means we cannot accept this form sent to us by email. Please print the form and send it to us (the return address is given on the last page of the form) or you can hand it in to us at the Brighton Customer Service Centre or one of the council’s neighbourhood housing offices.

If your DP application is successful, your DP may be paid with your on-going Housing Benefit payments, as a lump sum, or by us separately if you are in receipt of Universal Credit.

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