Housing Benefit Payment Information

Housing benefit payment information

Housing benefit payment dates 2017/18

If it’s a bank holiday, your payment may be early. These are shown below with a (BH).

Month Payment to claimants Payment to landlords
April 2017 10 and 24 April 24 April
May 2017 8 and 22 May 22 May
June 2017 5 and 19 June 19 June
July 2017 3, 17 and 31 July 17 July
August 2017 14 and 28 (BH) August 14 August
September 2017 11 and 25 September 11 September
October 2017 9 and 23 October 9 October
November 2017 6 and 20 November 6 November
December 2017 4 and 18 December 4 December
January 201 1 (BH), 15 and 29 January 15 January
February 2018 12 and 26 February 12 February
March 2018 12 and 26 March 12 March

Landlord payment schedules

These are sent first class the day after every payment run. You should therefore get these within two days of receiving payment by cheque or into your bank account. If you do not receive your schedule you can request a copy – we can e-mail, fax or post these to you.

If you would prefer to receive payments direct to your bank account, please let us know by contacting landlords@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

If you would like your schedule of payments sent to an email address, please email landlords@brighton-hove.gov.uk or call our landlord line on 01273 296647. Please note, the council pays landlords directly in four weekly cycles.

Benefit payments are fortnightly in arrears to claimants and four weekly in arrears to landlords.

Change of landlord bank details

If you would like your payments made into a different bank or building society account, please complete and return our change of payment form.

Direct payments to landlords

The council can pay landlords, if the tenant is:

  1. vulnerable and can't manage their financial affairs
  2. unlikely to pay their rent and have got into arrears before
  3. in rent arrears of 8 weeks or more (the 8 week arrears period takes into account an advance payment, if this is part of the tenancy agreement)

The council's vulnerability policy and procedure tells you how we make a decision to pay the landlord where someone is vulnerable. You will need to complete a local housing allowance direct payments form (PDF 139KB), and give us supporting evidence about your needs so we can decide whether to pay the landlord.


If the tenant is in arrears we need evidence of the amount to pay the landlord. Please send us a completed copy of the arrears form.

There are many reasons why someone cannot manage their money and paying the landlord may only be a short term arrangement. There are a number of local advice agencies who may be able to offer support.

Where a landlord charges a rent at an affordable level (usually the local housing allowance rate), where there is no requirement for a discretionary housing payment, the council will consider direct payment of housing benefit to that landlord.

Please remember that tenants have the right to revert housing benefit payments to themselves. Any request by the tenant will be considered by the council and the landlord will be notified in advance if direct payment changes.

Tenants will be advised that if they fail to pay their rent and then asked to be placed in accommodation by the council, they may be considered as 'intentionally homeless'.

This guidance will operate from April 2011 until the introduction of universal credit, or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) changes its guidance about direct payments. This guidance relates to tenants claiming housing benefit in the private rented sector, who are not covered by the safeguarding (vulnerability) policy.

Checking of tenant claims

Details of claims will be checked periodically by the benefits office. This means that payment of benefit should not end unless we are advised of, or find out about, a change in circumstances. It is the claimant's responsibility to inform the benefits office of any changes in their circumstances.

Landlords also have a responsibility to inform the benefits office of any changes they know will affect their tenant's benefits, for example a change of address.

You can tell us about a change of circumstances by phoning, writing or emailing us at landlords@brighton-hove.gov.uk. If you are a landlord and need to speak to the benefits service, please use the benefits landlord information line on 01273 296647.