Tell the Council Tax department that someone has died

We recognise the difficulties that relatives and friends experience when someone close dies and that there are many things to be done.

However, as soon as it’s possible, we need to be told about the death of an occupant.

How to notify the Council Tax team that someone has died

By phone – if you would prefer to speak to someone in person you can call the Council Tax team on 01273 291291

How will this affect the Council Tax ?

If there are still people living at the property

  • The remaining occupants will become responsible for the Council Tax.
  • If there is only one adult resident, they may qualify for a single person discount off the Council Tax bill.

If nobody is living at the property

  • If the deceased lived alone and owned the property, providing the property remains unoccupied, the estate will normally be exempt from paying Council Tax until the date of probate.
  • Once probate has been granted, an exemption will apply on an unoccupied property for a maximum period of six months.
  • If the property is still unoccupied six months after probate has been granted, the estate will become responsible for paying the Council Tax

Changes you’ll need to tell us about

You or the executor should notify us when the following changes occur:

  • probate or letters of administration are granted
  • the property becomes re-occupied
  • the legal deeds or ownership are transferred to another person or company
  • the property is sold

Please contact the Council Tax team if you have any queries.

Bereavement services in Brighton & Hove

More information on what to do when someone dies can be found on our Bereavement web pages.