Council Tax - Single person discount (SPD)

Single person discount

The standard Council Tax charge is based on two or more adults living at a property.

If you're the only adult resident (aged 18 or over) in your household, you're entitled to a 25% reduction to your Council Tax bill.

It is important that you tell us about any changes to your household as soon as they happen, as you are legally obliged to inform our office within 21 days of any changes that could affect your entitlement to the discount. You may incur financial penalties if you fail to do so.

If you live with someone else, for example a student, and think you may qualify for a reduction, see the list of discounts and exemptions to see if any apply. You may also have your bill reduced if someone you live with is entitled to Council Tax Reduction.

The council will conduct reviews of single person discounts as an anti-fraud measure. This includes sending review forms, checking other council departments' records, and data matching with external organisations and credit reference agencies. Action will be taken against anyone claiming a discount fraudulently.