Council Tax - disabled band reduction scheme

What is the disabled band reduction scheme?

The disabled band reduction scheme makes sure disabled people don’t pay more Council Tax if they need to adapt their home because of their disability.

How do properties qualify for the scheme?

The property must be the main home of at least one disabled person - they can be an adult or a child and don’t have to be responsible for paying the Council Tax.

The property must have one or more of the following:

  • An extra bathroom or kitchen, which meets the needs of and is mainly used by the person with the disability.
  • A room set aside that is essential, or of major importance, to the well-being of the disabled resident, because of the nature and extent of their disability.
  • Extra space inside the property for the disabled resident to use a wheelchair.

However it does not apply if the only part of your home that has been adapted is your normal kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

How much is the reduction?

If your property qualifies for the scheme, the Council Tax bill will be reduced by one band, so you'll be charged the amount of Council Tax for the band below the one the property is in.

If the property is already in band A, the charge for band A will be reduced by one sixth as shown in our table of Council Tax bands and charges.

How do I apply for the disabled band reduction scheme?

New to Brighton & Hove?

If you're new to Brighton & Hove, please register for Council Tax and apply for the disabled band reduction scheme online.

Already paying Council Tax in Brighton & Hove?

Send it along with your supporting letter from a doctor or other qualified professional, such as an occupational therapist or social worker, to: 

Council Tax,
Brighton & Hove City Council,
PO Box 2929,
BN1 1PS.

For more information please contact us.