Council Tax - Appeals and disputes

Appeals against Council Tax liability

You can make an appeal if you think that you are not the person responsible for paying the Council Tax. There are other reasons you can appeal; if the Council has not awarded a discount or exemption to which you believe you are entitled; because the Council has imposed a penalty on you that you think is incorrect; or you don't agree with a completion notice served on you for a new or altered property. You can also appeal against the amount of Council Tax reduction you have been granted.

If you want to appeal, you must contact us online or write to us at Brighton & Hove City Council, Council Tax, PO Box 2929, Brighton, BN1 1PS, saying why you disagree with what you are being charged.

If you disagree with our decision or we have not responded to you within 2 months, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

Please note - making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of your instalments. You should continue to pay as normal until your appeal is resolved.

Disputing Council Tax bands

The Council has no powers to deal with appeals against your Council Tax band. Appeals must be made direct to the Valuation Office Agency. You will have to show that there has been a misunderstanding over the valuation of your property, or that its valuation relative to other properties in Brighton & Hove has changed. 

Please note - making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment.  If your appeal is successful and you have paid too much, we will give you a refund.

More information about this can be found on the GOV.UK council tax appeals pages.