Council sets out measures to become the first 'One Planet City'

Press Release                    18 March 2013

A plan setting out how Brighton & Hove can become the UK’s most sustainable city is to be considered by councillors this week. Agreeing the action plan is a key step towards Brighton & Hove gaining ‘One Planet City’ status.

The Sustainability Action Plan is a practical three year plan that has been put together with the city’s Sustainability Partnership and other organisations in the city. It outlines both short term actions and longer term ambitions for the council and the city to reduce our impact on the environment, save money and make Brighton & Hove more independent and resilient.

The plan is guided by the internationally-recognised ‘One Planet Living’ principles - which other councils, companies and organisations have also used to work towards environmental, social and economic sustainability. The principles are being embedded in work already underway across the council and city.

Councillor Jason Kitcat, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council said: “If everyone consumed resources at the rate we do in Brighton & Hove, we’d need not one, but three and a half planets to support us. 

“Sustainability means more than just switching off the lights when you leave a room. It’s a difficult time for our residents, with increased unemployment, rising living costs, and reductions in public spending. We have to make Brighton & Hove sustainable and strong – not only to protect our city from stormy waters - but so that we can flourish well into the future.

“Many organisations in the city are already working with us on One Planet Living. Together we can boost our local economy, become more resistant to price hikes in energy, fuel and food, and foster a more equal, healthy and resilient Brighton & Hove. We are on track to becoming the world’s first One Planet City”

Brighton & Hove City Council has already introduced '10 One Planet Living principles' to help plan, deliver, develop and communicate sustainability messages. These principles have led to a wide range of achievements across all council departments including:

  • Re-tendering the council’s internal waste and recycling contract, saving £50,000
  • Introducing pool bikes for business journeys totalling 1,300 miles in the first year
  • New equipment to control flushing in the Brighton Centre toilets, saving 13,000 litres per day and about £9,200 per year – with a two month pay back
  • A highly successful Food Partnership and a hundred local food growing projects in the city
  • Re-established Fairtrade Steering Group in the city which organised recent Fair Trade fortnight events in the city
  • Becoming a Living Wage employer and encouraging key partners to do the same.

Notes to Editors

The 10 principles to reduce our ecological footprint to One Planet level are:

  • Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies
  • Reducing and reusing waste and ultimately sending no waste to landfill
  • Encouraging low carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions and reducing the need to travel
  • Using sustainable products which have a low embodied energy
  • Choosing local, seasonal and organic diets and reducing food waste
  • Using water more efficiently in buildings
  •  Protecting and expanding old habitats and creating new space for wildlife
  • Supporting and participating in the arts and reviving local identity
  • Inclusive and empowering workplaces with equitable pay
  • Support for local communities and fair trade
  • Encouraging active, sociable meaningful lives to promote good health and well being

The One Planet Living framework has been put together by two respected organisations, BioRegional and the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Find out more about One Planet Living.

The One Planet Living Sustainability Action Plan is going to Policy & Resources Committee on March 21.The plan belongs partly to the council and partly to the city’s strategic partnerships – together they will oversee its continued development, its implementation and monitoring to check what the actions in it achieve.