The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for an area covering 13 local councils including Brighton & Hove.

The most recent election took place on Thursday 5 May 2016.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner May 2016 election results

Katy Bourne was re-elected as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

The results were announced by the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) at Wealden District Council on Friday 6 May.

Brighton & Hove results

Brighton & Hove is one of 13 local council areas voting in the election. It's the total combined vote across Sussex (table above) that decides who is elected as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

This is a breakdown of the local results in Brighton & Hove. 

Candidate 1st preference votes 2nd preference votes Total votes
Katy Bourne (Conservative) 11,379 2,012 13,391
James Doyle (Green) 8,277 -  
Michael Jones (Labour) 14,786 7,083 21,869
Patrick Lowe (UKIP) 3,056 -  
James Walsh (Liberal Democrats) 2,354 -  
Valid votes 39,852    
Rejected ballots 761    
Total votes 40,613    

Sussex results

Candidate 1st preference votes % of 1st preference votes 2nd preference votes Total votes
Katy Bourne (Conservative) 114,570 41.78% 24,765 139,335
Michael Jones (Labour) 61,017 22.25% 25,375 86,392
Patrick Lowe (UKIP) 43,075 15.71% -  
James Walsh (Liberal Democrats) 29,550 10.77% -  
James Doyle (Green) 26,038 9.49% -  
Valid votes 274,250      
Rejected ballots 7,288      
Total votes 281,538      


Who could vote in this election

GOV.UK explains who was eligible to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner election.

About the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

The first elections for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner were held on 15 November 2012.

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