It is also possible to register to vote as one of the following:

  • If you are a British citizen living abroad for longer than six months of the year, you may be able to register as an overseas elector.
  • If you are a member of the Armed Forces you can register as a service voter while you are away from home or posted abroad.
  • If you are overseas serving with Her Majesty's Government as a Crown Servant, you are entitled to vote in all elections in the UK. 

You can still register to vote, even if you do not have a fixed address by making a Declaration of Local Connection. This is for people who are: homeless and have no fixed address, prisoners on remand and those convicted but not yet sentenced, and mental health patients. Contact the Electoral Services office for a voter registration form on (01273) 291999 or email

If you feel that being on the register of electors could affect your safety due to escaping from domestic violence or your occupation requires you to keep your identity private, you can register anonymously by contacting the Electoral Services Office on (01273) 291999 or email