Rottingdean is the only local Parish Council within the Unitary Authority area of Brighton & Hove. 

Electors within the area of Rottingdean Parish Council elect nine councillors on the same four-year timetable as Brighton & Hove City Council elections.

The last election for Rottingdean Parish Council was held on 7 May 2015. 

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Rottingdean Parish Councillors

Those elected were:

  • Sue John (Chair)
  • Graham Sheppard (Vice Chair)
  • Vicky Fenwick
  • Nadine Fox (Co-opted 2021)
  • Julie Lawrence (Co-opted 2020)
  • Kerry Levins
  • Mike Nixon (Co-opted 2021)
  • Chris Poole (Co-opted 2021)
  • Bernard Turnbull

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Register of interests for Rottingdean Parish Councillors

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