Partial polling place and polling district review

Brighton & Hove City Council is undertaking a review of Hollingdean & Stanmer, Patcham, Hove Park and Central Hove Ward polling districts and polling place.

Written comments and representations were invited from registered electors within Brighton & Hove, elected representatives and local political parties, as well as persons and organisations that have particular expertise in relation to access to premises and facilities for people who have different forms of disability. The consultation is now closed for comments.

Final proposals were published on 29 November 2018 to be presented to the Council’s Policy, Resources & Growth Committee on 6 December 2018.

The (Acting) Returning Officer commented on the suitability of proposed changes to polling stations and places within each affected polling district. The proposals and comments are available for download and to view at the Electoral Services Office.

The council's Policy & Resources Committee approved the following recommendations:

  • That St Mary Magdalen Church Hall be used as a polling place for GU district in Hollingdean & Stanmer ward.
  • That a temporary polling place at the junction of Carden Hill and Lyminster Avenue be used as a polling place for HZ district in Patcham ward – if Hollingbury Library is unavailable.
  • That the OX polling district in Hove Park is split into two new smaller polling districts across Hove Park and the junction of Nevill Road and Nevill Avenue – named OX and OW.
  • That Brighton & Hove Cricket Pavilion, Nevill Sport Ground is used as the polling place for the new OW district in Hove Park ward.
  • That Bishop Hannington Youth & Community Hall is used as the polling place for the revised OX district in Hove Park ward.
  • That Hove Town Hall be used as a polling place for UY district in Central Hove ward.

The full timetable for the review is set out below:

Publication of notice of review, and consultation document including (Acting) Returning Officer’s proposals  Monday 15 October 2018 
Closing date for representations  Monday 29 October 2018 
Final proposal published via Agenda papers and website  Thursday 29 November 2018 
Council Policy, Resources & Growth Committee meeting  Thursday 6 December 2018 
Revised Register Published for Affected Wards  Wednesday 2 January 2019 

2013 review

Our review of polling districts and polling places (PDF 89kb) took place between 4 October and 13 December 2013. Members of the public were invited to make comments on the proposals. 

The council's Policy & Resources Committee approved the following recommendations at its meeting on 16 January 2014.

  • That the polling place for AU, Rottingdean Coastal ward, be changed from Saltdean Primary School to St Nicholas Church Hall, Saltdean Vale
  • That the polling place for EY, Queens Park ward, be changed from Carlton Hill Primary School to Millwood Community Centre, Nelson Row
  • That the polling place for FW, Hanover & Elm Grove ward, be changed from Fairlight Primary School to the Children’s Centre, St Leonards Road
  • That the polling place for HZ, Patcham ward, be changed from Hollingbury Methodist Church Hall to Hollingbury Library, County Oak Avenue
  • That the polling place for IY, Withdean ward, be changed from Dorothy Stringer High School to the Cassidy Centre, St Mary’s Church
  • That the polling place for KS, St Peters & North Laine ward, be changed from the Clarendon Centre to the BMECP Centre, Fleet Street
  • That the polling place for NV, Goldsmid ward, be changed from Somerhill Junior School to the Ajex Hall, Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue, Eaton Road
  • That Cottesmore St Mary’s RC School be retained as the polling place for NY (Goldsmid ward) and OZ (Hove Park ward)
  • That the Pavilion in Wish Road be used as a double polling place for SW and SX polling districts in Wish ward

The consultation paper (PDF 191kb) outlined the current arrangements in Brighton & Hove and made proposals about future arrangements.