Elections for the European Parliament were held on Thursday 4 June 2009.  European Parliamentary elections are held every five years in all 27 of the European Union states.  The UK is represented by 72 MEPs.  Under a system of proportional representation, the UK is divided into 12 regions.  There are 10 MEPs for the South East region - all 10 represent each person living in the South East.


Following the election of Caroline Lucas as MP for Brighton Pavilion constituency at the General Election on 6 May 2010, Keith Taylor (Green Party) has been returned as MEP for the South East Region of the European Parliament.  Here is the Declaration of Return.

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For more information about the European Parliamentary Elections in June 2009, visit the following website links on the council's website:


2009 European Election Results

The 2009 Election results can be found on this webpage.