Following the resignation of Craig Turton, an election was held on Thursday 18 October to fill the vacancy of councillor in the East Brighton ward of Brighton & Hove City Council.

Votes were counted at Brighton Town Hall after polls closed at 10pm.

Chaun Wilson is elected councillor.

Results as follows

  • Chaun Wilson, The Labour and Co-operative Party - 1596 votes
  • Joe Miller, The Conservative Party - 531 votes
  • Carlie Nicole Goldsmith, Green Party - 456 votes
  • Sabiha Choudhury, UKIP - 148 votes
  • Dominic Felix Sokalski, Liberal Democrats - 59 votes
  • Jon Redford, Trade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts - 55 votes

The turnout was 26.21% 

Go to the election results section of our website for a full breakdown of the results.


The following notices have been published:

Notice of Election [PDF 14kb]Statement of Persons Nominated [PDF 14KB]Notice of Election Agent's Names and Offices [PDF 14KB]Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations [PDF 19KB]Declaration of Result [PDF 19KB]


Application deadlines


Application Deadline
Register to vote 3 October 2012
New postal vote 3 October 2012
To cancel or alter postal and proxy votes 3 October 2012
New proxy 10 October 2012
Emergency (medical proxy) 5pm on 18 October 2012


There was a special publication of an election register for East Brighton ward for use in the by-election. This is because the by-election was called before the new annual register for the city is published on 16 October 2012. 

The register for the by-election included any names added or amendments made on a voter registration form received by the Electoral Registration Officer by 3 October 2012. However, under the special provisions for the by-election names deleted from the electoral register during the annual canvass process were not removed from the register for the by-election.