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Many services throughout the council use social media sites to let residents, businesses and visitors know about what they are doing and to answer your questions.

The information we put out on social media is open to everyone, you don't have to be registered with the sites to take a look.

Click on a service below to find out more.

Main council social media

For updates, news and to get in touch, follow our main council sites:

Our other social media sites are separated into categories below.

Website and digital services

Digital First Brighton & Hove - Our blog about new digital projects we're working on
Digital First Brighton & Hove on Wordpress

Environment and city services 

Carelink Plus - 24/7 community alarm service
Follow Carelink Plus on Twitter

Community safety and crime prevention
Follow Safe in the City on Twitter
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Lively Cities - transforming Ann Street area public space
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Recycling, rubbish and street cleaning
Follow Recycling & Refuse on Twitter
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Seafront Office
Follow the Seafront Office on Facebook

Sheep grazing
Follow Sheep in Brighton & Hove on Twitter 

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Transport, parking and traffic
Follow Transport & Parking on Twitter

Road safety
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Follow Healthwalks on Twitter

Follow the library service on Twitter
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Read the library services blog  
Listen to the library on SoundCloud 
Watch the library service on Vimeo

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Music and art
Follow Music and Arts service on Twitter
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Outdoor events
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People’s Day community event
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Royal Pavilion and museums
Follow the Royal Pavilion and Museums on Twitter
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Read the Royal Pavilion and Museums blog

Health and wellbeing

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Take Part festival of Sport and Activity
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Weddings and ceremonies
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Children, young people and education

Brighton & Hove Youth Offending Service
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Early years and childcare
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EMAS - support for pupils who have English as an additional language
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Brighton & Hove for Families
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Follow Fostering for Brighton & Hove on Twitter
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ICT Schools and Traded Services team
Follow ICT Schools and Traded Services team on Twitter

Positive Parenting
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RU-OK - young person's drugs and alcohol advice
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School governors
Follow School Governors on Twitter

Standards and achievement team - support for PSHE Education, anti-bullying and equality in schools
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Youth information
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Youth employability – help with getting a job
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Jobs and apprenticeships

Follow our apprentice ambassadors on Twitter
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Early years and childcare careers
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Children's Centres and nurseries

Acorn Nursery
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Conway Court and West Hove Children’s Centre
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The Deans Children Centre
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Hangleton Park Children’s Centre
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Hollingdean Children's Centre & Cherry Tree Nursery
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Moulsecoomb, Cityview and Fairlight Children’s Centres
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North & South Portslade Children’s Centre
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Roundabout Children’s Centre
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Roundabout Nursery 
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Tarner and Cornerstone Children’s Centre
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Democracy and participation

Council tenant and leaseholder involvement
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LGBT Workers Forum
Follow Brighton & Hove LGBT Workers Forum on Twitter
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Mayor's Office
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