Report fraud against the council

  • Misuse of a blue badge (parking scheme for people with a disability)
  • Council tax, business rates (NNDR) and council tax reduction
  • False claims or misuse of council grants
  • Housing or social housing fraud (eg sub-letting)
  • Procurement fraud (the council being overcharged for goods or services)
  • Internal fraud (fraud committed by someone from the council).

All benefit fraud reports are now investigated by the Department for Work and Pensions.

What is fraud?

Fraud is an act of deception to gain a financial advantage from another person or organisation. When fraud is committed against the council, it reduces the money our services have to pay for the resources they need. It can include:

  • failing to declare information, such as providing false information on a housing application
  • abusing a position of power or trust, such as using your role to unjustly gain access to a service
  • dishonest acts designed to unfairly obtain gain, such as accepting grants you're not entitled to.

What happens after you report fraud

When we receive your report, we check if there is enough information to investigate. We will only take action if we find that fraud has been committed. Our investigations may involve law enforcement agencies. 

We can't always share information about the outcome of an investigation. We must follow data protection legislation and protect the confidentiality of our employees and councillors. These requirements can prevent us from providing information following an investigation. If we're able to share the outcome, we will let you know. ​

Other ways to report fraud

You can also report fraud by telephone or post:

Telephone: 01273 291847

Corporate Fraud Team, 
First Floor, 
Brighton Town Hall, 


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