The council has received numerous noise complaints from local residents about this venue for several years. Complaints have been received from residents in North Road, Grand Parade and Marlborough Place.

By law we must investigate noise complaints made to the council. We also have a legal duty to serve a noise abatement notice on those responsible when a noise nuisance is identified.  

On 14 March 2014 a noise abatement notice was served on the leaseholders who operate Blind Tiger following complaints about noise from live music.  The business was given two months to comply with the notice. This gave time for assessments to take place and any necessary sound insulation work to be undertaken. 

Blind Tiger chose to stop operating at the venue when the abatement notice period ran out on May 14 2014. The council has not closed the venue.

The council’s environmental health team has worked with the business and the Police and council’s licensing team to try and resolve any complaints received. The council is continuing to work with all parties to try and resolve this case.