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Interreg is a European Union funding programme that supports cross-border co-operation projects between neighbouring regions. The programme allows areas that are divided by a border to work together in a variety of fields.

The Interreg Va 2 Seas programme

The Interreg Va 2 Seas programme is one of two cross-border programmes that Brighton & Hove organisations are eligible to take part in, the other being the Channel programme which covers projects with northern France.

For more information see the Interreg VA 2 Seas programme website

Submission deadlines

Call 7

Submission of a full Application Form closed on 6 September 2019.

Call 8

Submission of a full Application Form closed on 31 October 2019.  Projects received a notification letter in February 2020.

Eligible areas

The Programme area covers the coastal regions along the Southern North Sea and the Channel area, involving four countries: England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium

The UK eligible area stretches from Cornwall to Norfolk. A project needs to involve at least one partner in the eligible areas in France, the Netherlands or Belgium. For further information please download the Two Seas map (PDF 841KB).

The list of approved projects is available on the programme website.

The budget

The budget for the Interreg Va 2 Seas programme is around €252 million, up from €167 million for the previous programme and the intervention rate for projects is 60%.

Priority areas

The priority areas are:

  • technological and social innovation
  • low carbon technology
  • adaptation to climate change
  • resource efficient economy.

You can view more information about the programme on the Interreg 2 Seas website

2 Seas programme facilitator

Contact the Programme Facilitator for further details.