Our customer promise to you

We want you to be at the heart of everything we do.

You have told us what matters to you and we are making this promise to you.

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We will make it clear how you can contact or access our services

  • Communicate first with you digitally where possible and appropriate, because it is often quicker, more convenient for you and cost-effective.
  • Where digital access is not appropriate offer you different ways to contact us and use our services.
  • Where people have a disability or impairment, we will work with you to find the best ways to communicate.

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We will be clear and treat you with respect

  • Increasingly provide digital services but still aim to deliver a personal service, treating you with courtesy, politeness and understanding.
  • Be clear and easy to understand in all our communication with you.
  • Keep your personal data secure and ensure your confidentiality.

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We will understand and get things done

  • Aim to answer the query at first point of contact, when this cannot be achieved we provide clear information about next steps so you know what to expect.
  • Take care to fully understand and respond appropriately to your needs
  • Keep you informed with up to date information and explain what we have done.
  • Make sure  our officers have the skills and tools to deliver the service you need.
  • Work together across the council to provide a service that minimises your efforts.

You can help us to keep our promise by

  • Treating us politely and with respect.
  • Letting us know if you have any specific needs.
  • Giving us the information we need to deal with your enquiry.
  • Telling us if you are happy or unhappy with our service.
  • Participating when we seek feedback so we can learn and improve.

Please tell us how we are doing

We welcome all feedback including when things don’t go right. Feedback helps us to learn from what we are doing well and also our mistakes. We are committed to using this information to improve our services.

Monitoring our performance against this promise

We will monitor our performance through collating the following information:

  • customer satisfaction and ease of access
  • number of compliments and complaints received
  • evidence of how our customers contact us
  • survey of residents of Brighton & Hove and service users

The results will be published through our Customer Insight Report annually.


We will:

  • aim to have the council website available for 24 hours a day all year round
  • continually improve the ability to interact with us digitally.


We will:

  • aim to keep average waiting times under 10 minutes. When high demand is anticipated we will give a clear indication of the expected wait
  • make clear the range of ways of contacting us
  • update voicemails and telephone messages regularly to hold accurate information.

Written communication

We will:

  • ensure all service emails are set up with ‘automatic reply’ with a clear indication of what will happen next

Face to face

We will:

  • make sure our customer service buildings are fully accessible
  • aim to greet you within five minutes of arrival and aim to see you within 20 minutes
  • make clear the range of ways of contacting us

Social media

We will:

  • be clear how frequently we would respond to any queries received
  • be proactive in sharing relevant information and keep this up to date

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