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Disabled Workers & Carers Network

The Disabled Workers & Carers Network (formerly the Disabled Workers Forum) is a group of employees from across the council who are disabled and/or have recognised long term illnesses, and/or who have caring responsibilities.

The forum aims to support disabled employees within the council, including those who become disabled during their working lives, and carers of people who are older or disabled.

The Disabled Workers & Carers Network aims to

  • Ensure that due consideration is made by managers, to support disabled staff and those with caring responsibilities in accordance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Take staff equality seriously and work towards a safe environment where any employee can disclose that they are disabled or a carer without fear of discrimination or victimisation, and are confident that reasonable adjustments will be provided in a timely and efficient way
  • Raise awareness at all levels to consider the needs of disabled employees and carers
  • Work with the council’s BME, LGBT and Women's Network Forums to challenge discrimination in all forms
  • Provide a confidential environment to share experiences and raise issues

Work with elected members with responsibilities for equality and disability to promote equality and challenge discrimination

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